Tears, Blood, and Death


  • Two weeks ago, he broke a plate. Last week, he broke a flower pot. As he holds the shards of a broken tumbler in his hand, his earnest desire is to be free from his abuser.
  • The arrival of Baba Ibeji’s newest wife into his harem opens the family into a web of deception and fatal attraction.
  • When a ten-year-old boy informs his best friend of his father’s arrival, he has no idea that the information given will result in a night he would never wish to remember.


Tears, Blood, and Death is a collection of stories that will keep you glued to the end.


Olubukola Adekusibe is a writer and blogger. She loves reading and imaginative writing. She blogs at www.olubukolasthoughts.com where she writes stories and series, and shares true-life experiences all set in the African environment.


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