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1. Do you publish in Hardcover/Paperback?

Yes. We in fact make the best books in paperback and hardcover.

2. Can I hire your team of professional editors to edit/proofread my manuscript even though I am not ready to publish my book?

Yes, we offer independent editing, book design, ePublishing, eBook design services even though you are not ready to start your publishing journey with us. Although, when you publish with us, editing will be sorted out along with a custom quote tailored around your manuscript.

3. What do I get from your Self-publishing service?

It excites us first that you have decided to be published with us. When you self-publish with us, we will handle your book publishing process right from receiving your manuscript to getting an ISBN, design, inside-pages layout, printing, distribution, and marketing. The process is such a collaborative one that it is affordable, yet flexible. You get to make the decisions, of course, guided by our professionalism. 

4. What's your price range for book design, editing and publishing?

Please see our Getting self-published page. There is an inquiry form there. Kindly fill it; we will get back to you with a quotation.

5. Do you provide Author Management Services?

Yes, we help our writers and authors reach more with words. We offer consultation services in marketing, ePublishing, writing, etc. Even if you have never written a book, we can help you find your path to writing one.

6. What kinds of books do you publish?

We publish books in the genre of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and even chapbooks. See our What we publish section at the top of this page for more information.

7. Will I get a traditional publishing contract from you?

Unfortunately, no for now. But not to worry. Our Self-publishing pathway is right there for you. However, writers and authors who decide to self-publish with us will receive a quotation first, and then a contract. All you need to do is send us your manuscript. With us, you can reach more with words. 

8. Do you have a marketing system?

100% yes. We would be glad to guide you through what we have to offer through our marketing system when you decide to publish with us.

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