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Lofty Steps publishes books in Literature and non-literary books. It was founded in 2016 to make Nigerian and African writers more visible to the world. We are committed to publishing excellent poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for the world to read. We provide self-publishing, and general editing, book/cover design, eBook conversion, and marketing service for independent authors and writers.  The publishing outfit was born out of the desire to make publishing affordable for new and emerging writers who have had limited or no access to publishing within the Nigerian space. Many writers have had to watch their careers die either with the rejections they receive from publishers, the highly competitive stance of traditional publishing, and the extremely expensive cost of self-publishing. Since we can’t promise every writer a mouth-watering publishing contract, we have made publishing accessible, selfless, easy, and astonishing through our affordable self-publishing options. We are committed to publishing Africa’s finest stories, poems, chapbooks, and writings, making them available to the world. We are taking the writings out: this is how far our stories can reach, and touch.

On creative service, we are committed to creativity in all of our services. We believe that creativity rules the world; therefore, we offer tremendous value in our relationship with existing and prospective clients. Strategically, we are committed to helping authors and writers reach more with words in the book publishing industry and globally. With consistency, creative service, and integrity, we hope to be one of the leading Publishing and Proofreading/Editing outfits in Africa. With us, publishing just got better, cheaper, and easier.

Lofty Steps Consults was incorporated with Registration Number 2784298. 

Great author experience

We treat our authors and their manuscripts with the utmost concern. We desire that our authors reach more with words. We will handle all of your book publishing processes, right from receiving your manuscript to a personalized ISBN application.​

Design that meets the heart

Our team of designers, illustrators, and layout artists create world-class designs. With a cover design and layout that meets the heart, we believe we can help authors and our clients tell their stories well. Our vision remains to make publishing affordable, while still creating a great publishing experience.

Exceptional Editing/Proofreading

With a team of professional English-Language editors, every manuscript we edit meets the 101% error-free rank scale. A well edited work is a pathway to successful publishing; this is why we take this with all seriousness.

World-class printing

With a printing experience that is unmatched, books printed with us are flawless and would make you fall in love with touch, sight and the smell of fresh books. We bake books like the real chef that we are.

Your steps matter

Your steps matter to us, and this is why we are inspired to take you to lofty steps. This way our authors can reach the world more with words. We all have words; let us present yours.

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