Jollof Palava & other Stories


  • Iya Funmi believes her enemies have finally caught up with her when her son goes insane.
  • We all love Jollof rice but when Debola’s Jollof keeps on disappearing from his stove, he is determined to fish out the culprit in an unconventional way.
  • In a society where DNA tests have become a debate, what happens when a child has no resemblance to its father.
  • Chiamaka is six. She is tired of the domestic violence in her home. If her mother would not take the step, she would. Find out how Chiamaka delivered her mother from the clutches of her abuser.
  • What would make a bride cancel her wedding at the altar?


Jollof Palava is a collection of twenty short stories woven around comedy, tragedy, suspense, and humour. We read of real-life experiences about Lagos life, love, hope, marriage, and family. In these stories, the author takes you on an unpredictable journey.

Olubukola Adekusibe is a writer and blogger. She loves reading and imaginative writing. She blogs at where she writes stories and series, and shares true-life experiences all set in the African environment.




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